Mrs. Mamaril

Phone: 724-539-4225


Degrees and Certifications:

Library Media Management, Google Certified Educator: Level 1, Google Certified Educator: Level 2

Mrs. Mamaril

Courses Taught:

- AP Research®

- Library/Media Management integrated into other courses

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  • Destiny Destiny/Destiny Quest

    Use Destiny to search for resources available in the library or in the library's digital collection.

    IMPORTANT: Destiny, our school’s library catalog program, allows students to participate in various activities, such as sending and/or posting comments, recommendations, and reviews; adding friends; and creating and posting lists. Be aware that your activities, comments, information, and other actions in Destiny are viewable by the school librarian. The librarian may edit, delete, or deny approval of any inappropriate comments, recommendations, requests, etc. 


    Use NoodleTools to cite your sources and record your notes as you research. NOTE: please make sure that you have an active session before working in NoodleTools. Do not let it sit for a long period of time while still logged in; always log out.

    You can also use the NoodleTools Companion app; click here fore more information.

     Common Sense Media

    Parents and Teachers: Common Sense Media has a wealth of resources to promote safe and ethical use of media and technology. 

  • NOTICE: The resources available through Mrs. Mamaril's site are for current Greater Latrobe Senior High School Students only! 

    Please do not post the username(s) and/or password(s) for these resources online, share the username(s)/password(s) with anyone other than current Greater Latrobe Senior High School students, or allow anyone other than current Greater Latrobe Senior High School students to utilize these resources.

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