2020 Annual Art Show Reception Dates:
    Junior/Senior High Art Show-Thursday, April 30 from 6-8pm at the high school CSC
    Elementary Art Shows 6-8 pm at the Elementary CSC (located at the new LES):
    Mt. View Elementary: Monday, May 4
    Baggaley Elementary: Tuesday, May 5
    Latrobe Elementary: Wednesday, May 6

    Apples Festival
    9th grade student Aly Kornides competed in the 2012-2013 APPLES Language Festival held at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  Aly is pictured with her artwork, which received 3rd place in the Art Original category. This particular category featured 7th -12th grade pieces from multiple districts that participated in the competition.   Aly based her work off of the famous Grimm’s’ Fairy Tale, Rapunzel.  The unique piece entitled Einmal, meaning Once in German, was a combination of her love and passion for both art and German, crossed with childhood memoirs of being read to by her father. The painting was done in water color and displayed in as a childhood storybook.  Aly is pictured with Junior High German teacher, Mrs. Holly Wilkerson, and 9thgrade art teacher, Mrs. Lindsey Page.