Welcome to 7th & 8th Grade Chorus!
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    Let's Make Beautiful Music!   

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    Please, Please mark your calendars now for these important dates.  

    Concerts are considered an exam grade and are required.

    (all events are to be held in the SH Auditorium)

    • Wednesday, November 20th, 2019  Choral Extravaganza at 7pm  Cancelled for this year.
    • Tuesday, December 10th, 2019  Winter Concert at 7pm
    • Tuesday, May 12, 2020  Spring Concert at 7pm

    ******Failure to attend the Winter Concert and the Spring Concert will result in a failing grade in chorus.******

     please scroll down this page for complete class expectations, etc.  Thanks!

    Concert Information and Attire:

    7th/8th Grade Chorus Concerts

    Tuesday, December 10, 2019 and Tuesday, May 12, 2020 
    at 7:00pm in the Auditorium
        Concert performer arrival: 6:25pm (in SH Chorus Room)
    **Information for the November, 20th, 2019 Choral Extravaganza is TBA... 
    Choral Extravaganza Attire:  Nice Jeans and Our Greater Latrobe Choral T-Shirt (available to purchase) or a plain Black T-Shirt. 



    Please, look professional, look nice and remember you will be on stage in front of people.  

    Seasonal Colors are preferred.  You must follow school dress code as well--keep skirt length appropriate.



    ·         Nice dress pants or Nice dress skirt (no jeans)


    ·         Nice Top


    ·         Nice dress


    ·         Dress Shoes (no tennis shoes)


    ·         Nice dress pants (no jeans)


    ·         Nice dress shirt (needs a collar)


    ·         TIE (please tie it or have it tied before you arrive.)


    ·         Dress Shoes (no tennis shoes if possible)




    All Black Dressy with Uniform scarf or bowtie/cummerbund 
    2019-20 Expectations and Parent Note  (click to print if desired)


    1. Respect yourself, others and all equipment/materials.  
    2. Be On Time and Prepared.  Please be in your seat when the bell rings with your music and a pencil.  Place other belongings in a cubby--no backpacks please.
    3. No Gum or Food--You may have water with you.
    4. Always ask first. Please ask before playing instruments or using equipment. Wait for instructions.  
    5. Be a Good Listener. “Stop when I stop.”  Don’t waste time by singing further than asked.  When the conductor stops, stop singing, and listen for instruction.  Remain quiet while other sections are rehearsing and follow along in your music.
    6. Expect the BEST from yourself.  Always give 100%  Others are depending on you.


    **Oh… and HAVE FUN!


    Grading Policy:

    Grades in Chorus are very simple:  



    1. Be Here and on Time—be in your seat by the bell.
    2. Be Prepared—pencil, music, positive attitude, prepared to sing your part.
    3. Be Participating—sing and participate as asked without argument.
    4. Be Cooperative—follow rules, don’t talk during rehearsal, don’t disrupt class. 
    5. Be A Good Musician—use good posture, no gum, try hard, respect equipment.


    • ALL CONCERTS ARE MANDATORY.  Attending and participating in the final concert is your “Final Exam” for this class.  This is a major part of your grade.  The final concert each semester is worth 100 points.  Other concerts and performances throughout semester will be required.


    Singing Test/other Quizzes (written or sung)

    • All students may have at least one singing test per nine weeks.  Students are not graded on how beautiful a voice he or she has.  This is a preparedness grade.  Have you been paying attention and working hard?  Do you know your part?  Are you singing the right rhythms and notes?  Are you giving your best effort? 


    • There may be other assignments made from time to time. 


    CONCERTS (required):

    The 7th/8th grade evening Choral Concerts are scheduled for December 10 and May 12.


    Please Read: Please mark your calendars now.  CONCERTS MUST BE A PRIORITY.  Students who do not come to the concert will receive a zero for the concert grade and could fail the class.  If the student must miss the concert due to illness or family emergency, the parent/guardian of the student must immediately, personally telephone Mrs. Wolfgang and/or notify her in writing concerning the situation.  A doctor’s excuse or evidence of emergency may be requested. Students who miss the concert legitimately due to illness or family emergency may be given an alternate assignment to do.


    How Parents Can Contact Mrs. Wolfgang:

    Call GLJHS at 724-539-4265; or email: nicole.wolfgang@glsd.us 


    Check Out My Website:

    Check for announcements, concert dates, rehearsal tracks and more. Go to the GL website and follow the links: glsd.us then select JH, then teachers, then Mrs. Wolfgang.


    Equipment/ Materials Policy:

    Students who are issued music are responsible for its care.  Students who lose, damage, or ruin music, instruments, or other materials or equipment will pay for the cost of replacing or repairing said item.  If the music was assigned to two or more people who share a folder, the cost will be split.



    Special district-wide event: Choral Extravaganza was on November 16th, 2016

    What a show!  Congratulations!
    Click here to view the entire concert!   
    We look forward to our next Choral Extravaganza in November 2019!
     for the students:  Click Here for our Vocal Range and Getting to Know You Form.