• Instrument Lending Library

    Every student should have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument.  That is the view of Josh Jordan, head of the music department in the Greater Latrobe School District, and the reasoning behind the development of an Instrument Lending Library.  Started two years ago with a generous $12,000 grant from the McFeely-Rogers Foundation, the library continues to grow and benefit the students of the Greater Latrobe School District.  The cost of an instrument can be from $500 to $800 and the rental of an instrument can cost approximately $20 to $40 per month for a three year program.  This cost may prohibit students from participating in the instrumental music program.    When a need is determined, the students and their parents sign an agreement to borrow the instrument and they may use it for as long as they participate in the music program.  Donations of new or gently used instruments are always welcome.  If you come across that forgotten band instrument, consider donating to the Instrument Lending Library.   Your donation will be enhancing the life of a young student through music.  Mr. Jordan may be reached at 724-539-4265 or at josh.jordan@glsd.us.