• Greater Latrobe School District



    Weekly Lesson Plan



    Teacher: Mrs. Showalter       Week of: ALL YEAR



    Subject: Learning Support            Level: K-3                    Period(s):






    Objective(s): Student will be able to improve phonics and fluency skills.  Student will be able to work on story elements and comprehension skills.



    Instructional Strategies:  Students will use the Reading Mastery I, II and III programs to work on reading skills.  Each group will work on decoding and comprehension skills with Mrs. Showalter and Ms. Gump and sight word and letter identification skills with Mrs. Dowling.  Students also utilize computer software.






    Assessments: Decoding and fluency assessments each 20 lessons.  Progress monitoring.



    Monday- Friday



    Objective(s): Student will be able to understand math concepts such as numbers, counting, operations and patterns.



    Instructional Strategies:  Students will work on math concepts using the Connecting Concepts Level A and B math curriculum, Touch Math and other math materials.






    Assessments:   Progress monitoring



    Science/Integrated Studies: Week of 1/13/20
    Students will learn about dinosaurs.
    Handwriting: All year
    Students will complete handwriting activities using Handwriting without Tears.