• Eighth Grade Science

    Mr. Brandt

    Course Description

                    Science Grade 8 is designed to give students a deeper understanding of the world around them.  Learning is not just memorizing facts.  Be prepared to think inquisitively, make observations, solve problems and ask questions.

    Major Units

    ·         Space

    ·         Cells & Heredity

    ·         Matter & Energy

    Classroom Policies

    1.       Location: We will operate out of two classrooms this year.

    a.        S-206 at the senior high

    b.       S-205 (planetarium) at the senior high. 

    2.       Behavior & Expectations

    a.        Respect yourself and each other.

                                                                               i.      No talking while others are talking.

                                                                              ii.      No bullying or making fun of others.

    b.       We all have bad days but keep the negative attitudes outside the classroom.

    c.        No food or drinks in S-205.  Permission may be granted for S-206 in the future.

    d.       Brings required materials to class each day.

                                                                               i.      Pencil

                                                                              ii.      Binder/folder

                                                                            iii.      Textbook

    3.       Absences & Make Up Work

    a.        It is your responsibility to find out what you missed while absent.

    b.       As our classroom will change, I will not have a homework bin.  Simply ensure you turn it in to me.

    c.        You have the same number of days you were absent to get make up work turned in.

    d.       If you know you are going to be absent, see me in advance.  This includes, but is not limited to; vacations, field trips and sporting events.

    e.        Unlawful and unexcused absences revoke the possibility of makeup work for those days.


    4.       Grades:  Will be calculated using a variety of assessments.

    a.        Tests and quizzes

    b.       Classwork and homework

    c.        Class participation:  Class discussion and questioning are important components of this class.

                                                                               i.      45 points are awarded per quarter

                                                                              ii.      Deductions occur for various reasons

    1.       Lates to class, forgotten textbooks, worksheets, writing utensils, etc. in excess of three per nine weeks.

    2.       Sleeping in class or not working on task.

    3.       Inappropriate language/behavior/computer use.

    Final thoughts & Comments

    ·         Make the most of your time in class each day.

    ·         Learning requires an interactive environment.  Participate and ask questions.

    ·         I am based out of the Senior High school so…

    o    Tutoring time is Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:55 until 7:25.

    o   My webpage is found under the Senior High faculty page

    ·         Email is the best way to get a hold of me.

    o   My email address is jason.brandt@glsd.us

    o   If I don’t get back to you in 24 hrs resend the email.

    ·         Maintain a positive attitude.  Look for the bright spot.  A half empty glass still has 50% to give.