• Peace. Love. Ukulele.

    Have you been enjoying our Ukulele unit? 

    Here are some useful links!
    Songs to listen to:
    Jake Shimabukuro: Bohemian Rhapsody 
    Jake Shimabukuro: Rolling in the Deep 
    Chord Charts with fingerings labeled for you. 
    Chord Charts -an alternate chord diagram resource.
    Ukulele Guides -a nice website with lots of resources and tips. 
    The Ukulele Site - by Hawaii Music Supply: a nice website of some great tutorial videos and other free resources. 
    Doctor Uke - lots of beginner songs here. 
    Let it Be play-along video 
    Best Day of My Life play-along video 
    Sweet Home Alabama play-along video 
    Keep Calm and Uke On

    If you have caught the "bug" and are
    now on the Ukulele Hunt...

    Here are some instruments I have personally played and can recommend:  (of course there are many others available that would be awesome as well...just beware not to buy a "toy" and go for a real instrument if you want it to work well for you.)  
    This is the Ukulele we are using in class. 
    A tuner like this one is really useful too (works for other instruments too)
    These are the Strings our ukuleles are using