• Use the following review activity to help study for the Jeffersonian Era Exam...
    Study Guide -   The Jeffersonian Era Review (Chapter 8 in Text) 


    Jefferson’s Presidency


    1.   ______________ was the president that sent James Monroe and Robert Livingston to negotiate the ____________________  _________________ with France.


    2.    ______________ was Jefferson’s Vice President.  He also killed ____________ in a dual after several political disputes between them.


    3. The Shoshone Indian guide, ____________ served as a peacemaker and helped Lewis and Clark during their expedition.


    4.    Lewis and Clark followed the _______________ River during the first part of their expedition.


    5. What was the approximate amount of time for Lewis and Clark to reach the Pacific from St. Louis?


    6. ___________________ was hand-picked by President Jefferson to lead an expedition to explore the Louisiana Territory.


    7. The co-leader of the expedition to explore the Louisiana Territory was _________________.


    8.  Explain the significance of the Louisiana Purchase (How much did the U.S. pay for the Louisiana Territory?  How many acres?  What did it do to the size of the U.S.? Who was the French leader that sold the territory to the U.S.? Why did he sell?)





    9.  Summarize the importance of and the goals of the Lewis and Clark’s journey:





    10.    The official position of the United States in the war between Britain and France was to remain ____________________.


    11.     Identify the contributions Native-Americans made to Lewis and Clark’s expedition:





    12.   What was the Embargo Act?  How did it effect British/American relations? How did it impact America?



    13.  Define impressment:



    Events Surrounding the War of 1812…


    14.  The Indian chief _______________ leads the uprising during the War of 1812 and even captures Fort Detroit.  He is killed at the Battle of the Thames River.  His brother, "The _____________” also works to unite Native Americans against the U.S. in the West.


    15.    American General __________________ defeated the Native American chief Tecumseh and his brother at the battle of _______________ (Indiana Territory) in 1811.


    16.  Young members of congress who called for and supported war against the British were called ________________.  The Kentucky senator, ______________ was one of the leaders of this group.


    17.  New England __________________ were against fighting a war with Britain.  Why?



    18. What role did Oliver H. Perry play during the War of 1812?



    19. ________________ was president during the War of 1812.


    20.        _____________ wrote an inspirational poem that becomes known as the “Star Spangled Banner.”


    21.  Two men that play key roles during the War of 1812 that later become U.S. Presidents were:



    22.        ________________ was the brave First Lady that saved many national treasures during the burning of Washington D.C. during the War of 1812.



    23.        What was Francis Scott Key witnessing when he became inspired to write the Star Spangled Banner?



    24.          What significant battle made Andrew Jackson a war hero?


    25.        What were the causes of the War of 1812?





    26.        Identify 3 important events of the War of 1812:




    27.  What were the results (& effects) of the War of 1812?