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Algebra 1A: Online Textbook Directions

1)     Go to:

2)     Click on Sign In

3)     Create a Student Account

4)     Enter your Birthday

5)     Complete Personal Information

6)     Complete Sign- In Information, Security Information, and Additional Information

7)     Write your username and password down on the bottom of this sheet and in your math notebook.

8)     Click on Submit/Create Account when you have completed all fields.

9)     Click on Continue

10)You will be taken to, select the following

a.     Subject: Math �High School

b.     State: PA

c.      Book: Algebra 1 2007

11)Click on Online Textbook

12)Check the box to not display this message again and then click continue.

13)Click to enter an activation code and Enter Access Code

 Algebra 1:  2387652-200.

14)Click Go to Classzone


After you create an account you will be able to access the book online any time. You can print pages from home, practice online test strategies, and have an endless list of resources from home.


Please email me if you have any questions or difficulties.




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