• Greater Latrobe School District

    Weekly Lesson Plan

    Teacher: Monica Tenerovich             Week of: February 24-28 , 2020

    Subject:  Language Arts & Math         Level: 4th, 5th, 6th grade       Period(s):  1 - 9

    Lunch:  12:45-1:15pm                        Planning: 1:15-1:55pm


    Intermediate Grades Language Arts



    Morning Work 21 and 22

    Task Cards-Due March 20

    Read 180

    Group 1-10:05-10:45


    2.2-Write examples for content words to help understand their meanings.

    2.3-Use evidence from a text to find the main idea.

    2.4-Use text features to understand how a text is organized.

    2.5-Find evidence in a text and use it to support an opinion.

    2.6-Analyze what a text says and make inferences.


    Group 2-11:25-12:05



    2.16-Think deeply about a concept to come up with related words and examples.

    2.17-Analyze what a text says and make inferences.

    2.18-Figure out the theme using details from the text.

    2.19-Describe the setting using details from the text.

    2.20-Analyze what a text says and make inferences.


    System 44

    Both Groups-9:30-10:05

    Independent Reading Book-History Mysteries

    Decodable Digest/Phonics-Lessons 







    Instructional Strategies: Scaffolding, Active Engagment, Teacher Modeling



     Homework: See Assignment Book

    Assessments: Formative


    1:55-3:05-Push in math with Mrs. Daily (5th Grade)-See Mrs. Daily's lesson plans.




    Instructional Strategies