•  SAP

     Student Assistance Program--- The primary goal of the Student Assistance Program (SAP) is to help students  identify and overcome barriers that are affecting their ability to achieve, remain in school, and advance.  SAP helps students and parents access services both within and outside of the school.  The Junior High SAP team consists of Principals, Counselors, Teachers, School Nurse, and the SAP Liason.  The School Resource Officer is also available to help the team when needed. 

    An example of signs or symptoms exhibited by a student who may benefit from the SAP include: substantial change in mood, drop in grades, health problems, defiance of rules, alcohol or drug use, feeling helpless or hopeless, running away.

    Anyone who is concerned about a student, including the student him/herself, can make a referral to the SAP by contacting an SAP team member, (724) 539-4265.  The team recognizes that some issues are sensitive and difficult to discuss, thus, all matters are treated confidentially.
    Greater Latrobe Junior High SAP Team
    Mr. Matt Shivetts, Principal
    Mrs. Lindsay DiCasolo, Assistant Principal
    Mrs. Theresa Novotney, School Counselor
    Mr. Alan Hipps, School Counselor
    Mrs. Angie Blossey, School Nurse
    Mrs. Georgette Ayers, SAP Liaison
    Ms. Erin O'Donnell, Teacher
    Mr. AJ Haberkorn, Teacher