General Information and Rules for Turkey Bowl:
    *Each 6th grade homeroom will play one game vs the teachers. This allows every student to play and provides teambuilding within the homeroom unit.
    *All games will follow elementary physical education rules and skills:
    -Use skills as taught in class; underhand serve, bump, overhead set.
    -No illegal hits (no carries, double hits, spikes)
    -Serve will be underhand only.
    -Serve rotation will follow the "Z" rotation for large groups.
    *Final game will be played by the randomly drawn team that wins the round-robin recess tournament. This allows interested students to enter into a "blind draw" selection for teams, and provides additional playing time during recess. This also gives every student who  wants extra playing time the opportunity to play on a different team and with friends other than their homeroom classmates. 
    *Sixth grade students may choose to have a theme or color to represent them. These must be school-appropriate.
    TEAM A vs TEAM C
    TEAM B vs TEAM D
    2019 Random Draw Teams (to play at recess)

    TEAM A:

    Alana Brown

    Josh Matthews

    Aaron Murphy

    Andy Tasch

    Brock Polinsky

    Owen Teslevich

    Savannah Repak

    Julia Macey

    Millie Barbish

    Anderson Schaefer

    Lexi Lyons

    Franklin Handwork

    TEAM B:

    Annalyse Bauer

    Joey Favata

    Liliana Greathouse

    Anthony Freedman

    Elliana Hutchinson

    Chase McIntyre

    Maddie Bellisimo

    Karter Fulton

    Chase Demangone

    Charlie Thomson

    Josie Garofalo

    Danny Noonan

    TEAM C:

    Lizzie Heitchue

    Anthony Monios

    Madison Snyder

    Emily Bizzak

    Paige Baker

    Elise Ruggery

    Maddie Munchinski

    Camron Forbes

    Evan Pancoast

    Emma Zavatsky

    Luke Tomko

    TEAM D:

    Dalton King

    John Massaro

    Evie St. Clair

    Natalie Smyntek

    Hunter Snyder

    Natalie Zupanc

    Mitch Horner

    Jack Sacriponte

    Calvin Akins

    Ryanne Lehman

    Nyjah Davis

    Marley Hudspath

    TEAM E:

    Sawyer Butina

    Dominic Durigon

    Grace Torrillo

    Madison Johnson

    Ava Beckwith

    Peyton Ferraro

    Brynn Zangaro

    Eli Toth

    Ian DeCerb

    Nolan Hartman

    Kyla Lehman

    Ava Livecchi

Last Modified on November 24, 2019