• TBA students in grades 3,4,5,6 will participate in an inline skating unit.  All 3-6 students are expected to participate unless medically excused from physical education activity. 

    We do provide skates, helmets, and safety gear for students to use unless you/they prefer to bring their own. Skate, bicycle, hockey, riding helmets are acceptable are most likely already safety-rated with a sticker inside showing that. 

    Students MUST be able to tie their own laces.  With classes of 20-50+ students per period, the teachers need to focus on student safety first; students should be prepared to put on and secure their own equipment after the first introductory class. 

    SkateMates will be available for use by beginners, in order to allow for all levels of participation.

    All students will be required to wear full safety gear.  That includes knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and an approved helmet.  Students are encouraged to bring their own safety gear if they would like to do so. Helmets will be checked for an approved safety sticker.  Students wearing a school helmet may be given a hairnet to protect the hair if they so choose.  

    Mrs. Boerio and Mr. Townsend are encouraging students to bring in their own skates, under certain conditions.  The skates must have indoor wheels and be free of nicks or small pebbles to make sure they will not mar the gym floor surface.

    If students bring their own skates and/or safety gear, it will be the parents’ choice for them to be kept at school or to carry them back and forth for gym days.  Due to the large amount of skates and safety equipment, students’ personal skates or gear will not be stored in the gym. 

    Please mark personal gear with the child's name!  
Last Modified on August 19, 2019