• Essential Skills for English 8

    Semester One:

    • I can recognize the text structure of a passage.

    • I can use the correct homophone for the context of a sentence.

    • I can determine the central idea of a passage.

    • I can use commas correctly in writing.

    • I can determine an appropriate theme based on the development of a passage.

    • I can identify choices an author makes to create the mood in a passage.

    • I can introduce a direct quotation efficiently and punctuate it correctly.  

    • I can recognize a well-written thesis statement that is placed correctly, uses

      the wording of the prompt, and lists the topics of the essay in order.

    Semester Two: 

    • I can supply textual evidence that best supports a conclusion or statement.

    • I can correctly identify active and passive voice.

    • I can use context clues to define a word. 

    • I can determine the connotative meaning of words in a passage. 

    • I can recognize a change in verb voice and verb mood when writing.

    • I can explain choices an author made while writing to create an intended outcome.

    • I can write an effective introductory paragraph including a hook, background, and thesis statement.

    • I can recognize a thorough analysis to best support evidence in a body paragraph.