• District Wellness

    Greater Latrobe Triennial Assessment

    Greater Latrobe School District recognizes that student wellness and proper nutrition are related to students physical well-being, growth, development and readiness to learn. GLSD is committed to providing a school environment that promotes student wellness, proper nutrition, nutrition education, and regular physical activity as part of the total learning experience.

    Everyone in the school community is invited to be involved. The Greater Latrobe School District has a proactive Wellness Committee. Administrators, teachers, parents, nurses, students, community members and health professionals work together for the health of our students. The main focus of the Wellness Committee is to facilitate wellness and healthier lifestyles, promote the district wellness policy and have positive results when addressing all aspects of wellness through various activities.

    All meeting are held at 5:30 pm in the Senior High Library classroom. Please join us! Everyone is invited to attend the following Wellness Committee Meetings.

    2019-2020 Wellness Committee Meeting Dates:

    October 7, 2019

    February 3, 2020

    If you are interested in becoming a committee member, please call Jillian Meloy at 724-539-4200 ext. 26513.