•                                                        Mathematics

     "Life is good for only two things, discovering mathematics and teaching mathematics"--Siméon Poisson
     calcThe Go Math program aligns every lesson to the Common Core Standards. Students write in the book to record their strategies, explanations, solutions, practice, and test prep answers.
    As a resource to the Go Math program, Think Central allows students to experience our math program in a way they could only imagine. With access to both the math text book and practice book, students will always have their materials @ their fingertips. Also, assignments will be added to your child's account to help them practice and extend their mathematical thinking.
    To access ThinkCentral, simply follow the link: http://www.thinkcentral.com/index.htm#math
    Choose Go Math and complete the login information involving our our state (PA), school district (Greater Latrobe), and school name (Baggaley Elementary).
    Your child's username is 23 then the first four letters of his/her LAST name and the first four letters of his/her FIRST name. For example, if your child's name is John Smith, his username would be 24smitjohn
    The password is the lowercase letter g then an uppercase letter L followed by your child's six-digit lunch number, also known as his or her six-digit ID number.  For example, gL123456 
    After logging in, students may check for assignments they may have provided to them or utilize resources such as their text book, manipulatives, and online extension activities. These resources are just to valuable to overlook. I encourage all children to utilize these resources, not only in school, but also @ home.