• Physical Activity is important at all life-stages, and the benefits last a lifetime!
    *  In children, physical activity aids in the development of strong bones and muscles.  It promotes a positive self-image, and organized group activities encourage socialization.
    * Excercise helps teens feel strong, independent and confident. It also reduces the risk for chronic diseases like osteoporosis and heart disease in adulthood.
    * Adults who are physically active, maintain, and may even improve, their health, have a better sense of emotional well-being and have more control over their weight.
    What's in it for YOU?
    * Improved your outlook on life-
    Moderate activity releases hormones in your body called endorphins. Endorphins work to help decrease stress, reduce anxiety and improve mood!
    * Get energized-
    A brisk walk will get you going in the morning, and the effects can last all day!
    * Look great, feel better-
    Getting fit helps firm and tone your entire body and may result in weight loss. You will feel better, and increased strength and endurance will boost your self-confidence!
    * Keep your heart healthy-
    The heart is one of the most powerful muscles in your body and exercise helps keep it strong. Regular activity helps lower blood pressure, decrease cholesterol and improve cardiovascular health.
    * Stand tall-
     Weight-bearing exercise and strenght-training help improve bone density, decreasing the risk of osteoporosis and fractures as you get older.
    Good Night's Rest-
    Physical activity can also improve sleep and improve balance and flexibility.
    Tips provided by the Council for Women's Nutrition Solutions and National Cattlemen's Beef Assocation