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To add physical activity to your "to do" list, you do not have to spend hours in the gym.  All you need to do is GET MOVING!
- Instead of dinner and a movie, plan an activity date. Try skating or take a dance class- swing, salsa or waltz your way to better health.
- Plan a canoe trip or take a hike with friends and family.
- Try something you haven't done lately. Get your ball glove off the closet shelf and join a local sports league.
- Don't sit. Take a walk or take the kids to the playground.
- Too busy to spend sixty minutes working out each day?  Break it down into shorter bursts of activity- choose the stairs instead of the elevator, walk with the family after dinner or take a morning jump rope break.
- Don't be afraid to try something new- Karate, golf,  weight lifting--the possibilities are limitless. 
- Limit screen time.