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Cafeteria Lunch Payment Schedule

Elementary Students 

Lunch Price - $2.30 a day

           $2.30 x 5 = $11.50   week
           $2.30 x 20 = $46.00   month
           Number of school days 180 x $2.30 =  $414.00   yearly payment


Reduced Lunch Price - $ .40 a day

$.40 x 5 = $2.00      week
$.40 x 20 = $8.00     month
 Number of school days x $.40 = yearly payment


Payment Methods

1.  District accepts checks and money orders

2.  District accepts (pay-by-phone) checks from bank (parent must arrange details with their bank)
3.  District accepts online credit card payments at
Best Payment Method by Check...Cash Payment Accepted but Not Recommended
Checks payable to Greater Latrobe School District
(District Charge for a returned check is $35.00)
Lunch Payment slips available at each school or send an envelope from home
Please include student"s name, student ID#, homeroom, date and
amount of payment

***It is important that you indicate on the slip/envelope the amount of money to be deposited into prepaid lunches or extras***