Weekly Homework Schedule


    Vocabulary - First page of the weekly ELA packet

    Spelling - Proofread for Spelling (Reader’s Notebook)


    Comprehension - Read story and answer the questions in the weekly ELA packet


    Grammar - Teacher will assign a page from the weekly ELA packet or the Reader’s Notebook


    Study for exams


    None 😁

    Homework Policy


    • Homework is required and is a part of the student’s grade.


    • Homework completion will also count towards CAT’s Cash. If your child does not turn in their homework on time, it will result in a loss of their CATS Cash for the day.  Multiple losses of CATS Cash will result in your child not being able to participate in the CATS Cash reward for the month.


    • Students may have ONE extra day to complete an assignment, but will only receive half credit upon completion.  After that, the assignment will not be accepted and the student will receive ZERO points.


    • If a student is absent, it is the student’s responsibility to make up any work that was missed.  The number of days a student is absent is the number of days they have to make up the work.