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Frequently Asked Questions about eCat Online Academy
  • Who is eligible?
    •  Any student residing in the Greater Latrobe School District is eligible.
  • Is there a cost?
    • There will be no cost to a full-time eCat student who currently resides in the Greater Latrobe School District.  Tuition fees may apply if you are not a current resident, taking a course for credit recovery, or taking eCat courses part-time.  Guidance counselors in each building will be able to further clarify.

  • What diploma will I receive?
    • You will receive a Greater Latrobe School District diploma and participate in Greater Latrobe School District graduation events.

  • Who will be teaching the online courses?
    •  Greater Latrobe faculty will be facilitating all courses in the eCat Online Academy.  In the event that you need to take a course that we do not currently offer, you may have a teacher from another district.
  • Will I still be able to participate in Greater Latrobe sports, clubs, and other activities?
    •  Yes!
  • Will I still be able to take classes at EWCTC?
    • Yes!

  • Do I have to take ALL of my classes online?
    • No.  You are able to take a mixture of online and in-classroom courses.
  • How do I apply?
  • Your question not answered here? Ask your own.