• To access thinkcentral.com at home, begin by clicking on the link below.
    For state, choose Pennsylvania.
    For district, choose Greater Latrobe School District.
    For school, choose Mountain View Elementary School.
    Then, check "Remember my organization" so that you don't have to choose the state, district, and school each time you go onto the site.
    Your child should then type in the username and password that he/she uses at school.  The username is your child's year of graduation followed by the first four letters of his/her last name and the first four letters of his/her first name.  So, if your child's name is Mary Smith and she'll graduate in 2029, her username would be 29smitmary.  Your child's password is gL followed by his/her lunch code.  Be sure to type gL as a lowercase g and an uppercase L.