Academics in 2D

    Reading: Reading instruction is an important part of each day in 2D. Children participate in whole group instruction, shared reading, partner reading, and small group instruction. Occasionally, your child will bring home his/her purple poetry folder. The poetry folder provides an excellent opportunity to practice fluency while reading!

    Spelling: New spelling words are assigned on Mondays, with spelling tests being given on Fridays.   Children also record their words in a spelling folder kept at school.  A little studying each evening goes a long way!

    Mathematics: Concepts studied in school will be practiced at home with assigned homework. Regular practice of addition and subtraction facts is very important.   It's a great idea to keep flashcards handy so that children can practice their facts (especially those they haven't mastered) for just a few minutes each evening.

    Science/Social Studies/Health: Children will participate in many activities related to these subject areas throughout the year. Check your copy of "This Week in 2D" for details each week.