• The following links will direct you to fabulous information!  Explore the websites to learn more! 

    Pennslyvania Council of  Trout Unlimited: Pennslyvania branch of Trout Unlimited. http://www.patrout.org/
    Forbes Trail of Trout Unlimited: The Westmoreland County chapter of Trout Unlimited.  Help fund and support Trout in the Classroom at  GLSD. http://www.forbestrailtu.org/
    Trout Unlimited (TU): Dedicated to conserving, protecting, and restoring North America's coldwater streams. http://www.tu.org/
    Pennsylvania Trout in the Classroom:  Contains useful information and resources specifically about the Trout in the Classroom.  It contains a student section that is filled with activities for a variety of grade levels, and also contains a page that can connect us to other school trout in the classroom websites.... and much, much more.   http://patroutintheclassroom.org/
    Pennsylvanina Fish and Boat Commission: A great resource for information on fish, reptiles and amphibians found in PA, lakes and streams in your area ,  recreational activities, fishing laws and the fundamentals of fishing.... http://fishandboat.com/mpag1.htm
    DCNR, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources: Contains details about all of the state parks, forests, and trails, plus a detailed calendar of fun outdoor events.   http://www.dcnr.state.pa.us
    Westmoreland Conservation District:  Under "technical services" information on the watersheds of Westmoreland County and the restoration projects within each watershed can be found. http://wcdpa.com/services/watershed/index.shtml
    Stream Biology and Ecology:  A stream is so much more than you think.  Predator-prey relationships, the variety of habitats, steam beds, flood plains, water temperature, water flow... and much much more.  This site focuses on the biology, ecology and the skills used to study streams http://chamisa.freeshell.org/index.htm
    TroutNut.com:  This is a great site for information on fly fishing and macroinvertetrates. It contains insturctional information/videos on tying flies and fly fishing. It also has some very pretty pictures of macroinvertebrates, fish and stream landscape.  http://www.troutnut.com/
    Explore PA historyPennsylvaniansand the environment.  This site contains stories, audio files, picture galleries, and vidoes that focus on how the environment of PA has changed from colonial times to the 21st centurey.  http://explorepahistory.com/story.php?storyId=14
    Loyalhanna Watershed Association (LWA):Helps fund and support Trout in the Classroom at Greater Latrobe.  LWA addresses various pollution impacts throughout the watershed, helps to preserve natural areas and educate the community with the help of its members and volunteers. http://www.loyalhannawatershed.org