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Weekly Meal Order Form

**Please note the day change for Elementary meal pick-up is Thursday, May 20, 2021**
Next meal pick-up date is Wednesday, May 19, 2021 at Senior High OR **Thursday, May 20, 2021** at the elementary school of your choice.
Meals will be packed for 5 days at a time. *Please pre-order your meals this week by *10:00 am on
Thursday, May 20, 2021. It is important to meet this deadline so that we can order food accordingly.
1. Please provide a valid e-mail address.
2. Indicate for how many children/students you're ordering meals. (any child/student ages 1-18 years old)
3. Please choose a meal distribution site below that is convenient for you to pick-up meals. (It does not matter which school your student attends).
** If your child/student has a special dietary need.**
Please call the Food Service office at 724-539-4200 ext 26313
Elementary Schools:
Pick-up EVERY FRIDAY between 1:00-1:45 PM. Below is the location of meal distribution at each school.
Latrobe Elementary: Bus entrance lane on Ligonier Street
Baggaley Elementary: Kitchen entrance on cafeteria side basketball court
Mountain View Elementary: Kitchen entrance on the far end of MVES parking lot
High Schools:
Pick-up EVERY WEDNESDAY between 11:00-12:00 PM. Below is the location of meal distribution.
The front side walk of the SH building (no distribution at the Junior High)