• Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology Goals

    1.       To develop and implement a rigorous, standards-aligned educational system that produces college and career-ready students who are prepared to succeed in the 21st century.


    1.       Provide teacher leaders and district administrators with a strong working knowledge of PDE’s Standards Aligned System (SAS) and its various components.

    2.       Implement an online student information system to examine, evaluate, and align GLSD curriculum to PA and Common Core Standards, promote effective instruction and lesson planning, and report student achievement.

    3.       Create a district student support system that ensures each student reaches their fullest potential, while minimally meeting established standards in all academic content areas.

    4.       Develop a coherent approach to professional development that supports providing effective teachers and principals in every school.


    2.       To operate all matter of the Greater Latrobe School District with fiscal integrity, efficiency, and effectiveness.


    1.       Explore and pursue other revenue sources and partnerships to maximize benefits that flow to students and that promote student growth and achievement.


    3.       Through improved and increased communication, the Greater Latrobe School District will elevate student achievement, improve customer service, and foster improved interpersonal relationships with all members of the school and local communities.


    1.       Enhance the efficiency and accuracy of school to student/parent communication regarding district curriculum and student performance.

    2.       Improve community knowledge of Greater Latrobe School District’s curricular programs, initiatives, staff accomplishments, and student successes.

    3.       Increase the number of meaningful and high-quality business and community partnerships that provide for the mutual benefit of both students and the partner.

    4.       Promote effective communication among all instructional employees of the Greater Latrobe School District.


    4.       To maintain the effective stewardship of community, district, and environmental resources in a manner that supports safe, healthy, and productive environments and optimizes student learning.


    1.       Develop a recognition program that celebrates individual and team efforts that promote accomplishment of district goals, especially student achievement.