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    School Counseling Department Overview


    School counselors work with students, parents, and teachers to ensure a healthy, safe, and satisfying educational experience. They provide assistance to all students in order to meet their personal, social, educational, and career needs during this important developmental period.  Students are assigned to counselors by alphabet (A-Ha) Mrs. Novotney, (He-Pas & eCat) Mr. Hipps, and (Pat- Z) Mrs. Rider.  Mrs. Sherwin, the Counseling Department Secretary, is often the first person students and parents see or talk with.  She is a caring and knowledgeable person who efficiently facilitates department operations.


    What your School Counseling Department can do for you!

    School Counseling has come a long way over the years, and today we offer more services and support than ever. The following are some of the services we offer:


         Personal Assistance--- School counselors work with students one-on-one to remove barriers to academic success. This approach builds trust, self-esteem, and social skills that last a lifetime.


         Group Counseling--- When students have an opportunity to participate in groups, it allows them to see that they are not alone in the challenges they face.  By listening to one other and providing feedback, they're learning skills to help each other and, at the same time, getting support that is critical to their well-being. Some of the groups we facilitate are Teen Issues, Study Skills, and Girls' Group.


         Career Planning--- Career exploration needs to begin at an early age. To ensure that students find the road to success, we offer programs and courses that help students begin planning for their future. Throughout their Junior High years, students will participate in career units during class, hear from career speakers, and have individual/group discussion with their school counselors to explore their interests, abilities, and the world of work.  To get started with career exploration at home check out www.careercruising.com Username: Greater Password: Latrobe


         Placement and Scheduling---  School counselors work with students, teachers, and parents in order to place students in their optimal educational setting. Data from a variety of sources is utilized to guide the process.  Scheduling meetings take place in classroom or small group settings.  Counselors are available to answer student and parent questions regarding scheduling, placement, and short and long term educational goals. 


         Research and Evaluation--- We are constantly seeking ways to make your child's learning experience the best it can be. We utilize empirically supported programs and data driven decision making.  We consistently evaluate our systems and programs to ensure that they are effective and modify them as needed.


         Information Service--- There is a lot going on at the Junior High, and it's part of our job to keep you informed.  Mid-quarter grades, progress reports, parent conferences, Home Access Center, and teacher websites are just a few of the ways we stay in touch.


         Individual Analysis--- Working with the school psychologist and other mental health professionals, we can help your child in areas of intellectual, emotional, or social adjustment.


         Student Assistance Program--- The primary goal of the Student Assistance Program (SAP) is to help students  identify and overcome barriers that are affecting their ability to achieve, remain in school, and advance.  SAP helps students and parents access services both within and outside of the school.  The Junior High SAP team consists of Principals, Counselors, Teachers, and the School Nurse.  The School Probation Officer and our Core Team Liaison, who represents the mental health and drug and alcohol treatment systems, are available to help the team when needed. 
         An example of signs or symptoms exhibited by a student who may benefit from the SAP include: substantial change in mood, drop in grades, health problems, defiance of rules, alcohol or drug use, feeling helpless or hopeless, running away.
         Anyone who is concerned about a student, including the student him/herself, can make a referral to the SAP by contacting an SAP team member, (724) 539-4265 #3.  The team recognizes that some issues are sensitive and difficult to discuss, thus, all matters are treated confidentially.

    Please click on the Resources page to the left for links to information on a variety of topics including: Career Exploration, Post-Secondary Education, Mental Health, Child Safety, etc.