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Welcome to the Greater Latrobe School District


August 2016

Dear School Community members:

On June 3, 2016, approximately 300 students graduated from Greater Latrobe School District.  As we celebrate the event, we evaluate how the District has prepared the graduates for post high school life – college, technical school, workforce, military – and hope they possess the background to make critical life decisions required of each graduate. 

In addition, during this time of reflection we welcome our kindergarten students, the Class of 2029.  The experiences that today’s kindergarten students have, and will have had, by the time they graduate in 2029 are, at times, difficult to assess.  However, as a public educational organization whose mission is to “prepare students to become lifelong learners and responsible, productive citizens,” we are charged with providing opportunities for all students in the arts, academics, and athletics.  These opportunities need not only be offered to all, but be strategic in delivery and comprehensive in evaluation. 

Therefore, the District has embarked on physical changes to the grade configuration.  As you may be aware, the senior high school will now be comprised of ninth through twelfth grade.  All students in these grades will begin and end school at the same time.  Students will continue to take courses in both the senior high and junior high school building.  However, all students in grades nine through twelve will begin to develop a transcript as a senior high school student.  The seventh and eighth grade students are not impacted by this change.

More importantly, all secondary students will be impacted by the continued development and implementation of Career Pathways within the District.  Career Pathways is a simple concept – align courses and experiences to a pathway and hopefully a career in which a student expresses interest.  The goal is also simple – provide opportunities for students to reinforce an interest or to determine that an area is no longer an interest.  Many of you have heard of The Kennametal Young Engineers program.  The program is comprised of an experience within the engineering area that provides students a depth of knowledge about engineering.  The program has reinforced students’ interest in engineering, as well as assisted some students in knowing that engineering was no longer an interest.  Through the implementation of Career Pathways, our goal is to expand courses, programs, and experiences to assist our students to determine career interest. 

Key to the success of our Pathway model is community partnerships involving job shadowing and career mentoring opportunities.  Please refer to our website at for more information on opportunities to partner with GLSD in the upcoming school year.  We hope you will assist us in providing opportunities for our students. 

Lastly, the design of Latrobe Elementary School is ongoing.  The design development process is completed and updated information will be presented at a fall Board meeting, as well as on the District website at

We look forward to welcoming you to the 2016-2017 school year.  Please join the GLSD community at the Latrobe vs. Derry football game on Friday, August 26 at Latrobe Memorial Stadium.   Go Wildcats!!

Yours in education,

Judith Swigart
Superintendent of Schools