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School Health Program

School health programs and services impact the health status and well-being of all school-aged children in Pennsylvania’s public and non-public schools. Article XIV of the Pennsylvania Public School Code provides that all children attending school receive school health services. These services include medical and dental examinations, as well as other health screenings which include growth, vision, hearing, and scoliosis at specified intervals. The schedule for elementary students includes:


Grade K – vision, height, and weight (BMI calculation), physical exam and dental exam

Grade 1 – vision, height, weight (BMI calculation)

Grade 2 – vision, height, and weight (BMI calculation)

Grade 3 - vision, height and weight (BMI calculation) and dental exam
Grade 4 - vision, height and weight (BMI calculation)
Grade 5 - vision, height and weight (BMI calculation)
Grade 6 - vision, height and weight (BMI calculation) and physical exam

Greater Latrobe School District provides these services to all students. If you do not want your child to participate in these mandates, please contact the school nurse in writing by September 15th  of each school year. If services are refused, you will be asked to provide evidence that your child has received them by a private practitioner at your expense.


In addition to mandated services, other nursing services include the treatment of acute and chronic conditions, first aid and emergency care, medication administration, health counseling and health promotion, maintenance of individual student health records, and assessment for school immunizations.