Welcome to 2-B.
     Every Friday is A SCHOOL SPIRIT DAY!!!! (Wear your orange and black!) 
    There will be a skate night on Thursday, September 19th 6-8:30 pm.

    2-B’s Encore Rotation

    Day 1  - Library

    Day 2 - Gym

    Day 3 - Music 

    Day 4 - Art

    Day 5 - Gym

    Day 6 - Music

    Monday, September 16 -  Day 3  (Lesson 3)
    Tuesday, September 17 - Day 4
    Wednesday, September 18 - Day 5 - Gym
    Thursday, September 19  - Day 6
    Friday, September 20 - Day 1 - Library
    Monday, September 23 - Day 2   Gym(Lesson 4)
    Tuesday, September 24 - Day 3 -
    Wednesday, September 25 - Day 4
    Thursday, September 26  - Day 5 - Gym
    Friday, September 27 - Day 6 - 
    Math Math -     Flash cards or Reflex Math (Your child has their log-in information at the back of their binder.)       
    reading 1 Reading -  Dogs - In reading book and on-line using Think Central

     Read - A book of your choice (Write your minutes on your reading calendar in your binder.)

     Study Vocabulary Words Lesson 3

    Study High-Frequency Words Lesson 3


    This is a great site if you are looking for some fun reading.   
    write Grammar/Writing-      
     spelling 1 Spelling-  Study Lesson 3 Words
    science Science
    history Social Studies
    THINK CENTRAL - Online Resource
     Math, Science, and Reading
    (Let me know if you have tried and cannot log in.)

    Username:  (Your Username is the year you graduate, and then the first four letters of your last name, and the first four letters of your first name.)


    Password: (Your Password is a lowercase g, uppercase L, and then your lunch number.)
    Your email address looks like your username with @glsd.us
    Please email me if you have any questions.
    Please send in..... BoxTops Box Tops, Box Tops, Box Tops, Box Tops, Box Tops and Box Tops
    Please send in Kleenex.  They are greatly appreciated!
    Thank you!!!