• Greater Latrobe School District
    Teacher:     Mr. Evans                      
    P.E -August 28-September 1 - Intro to P.E/ P.E Guidelines/Activity Sign ups/Cooperative Activites
    Online Health - Augsut 28 - September 1 - Students must all login in to the course during this timeframe. There will be a designated meeting time for each student to meet with Mr. Evans during this time frame to make sure they are set up correctly.
    P.E - September 2-13 - Students will begin their first unit which is Tennis and Football. Some classes will also have a fitness option depending on the number of students.
    Online Health - September 2-6 - Students will complete their first online assignment before the deadline of September 6 at 10pm.
    P.E - September 14-October 1 a Students will participate in a fitness/exercise/walking unit. They will utilize fitsteps to track steps, MVPA time, and activity throughout the class. THey will have the opportunity to use functional fitness equipment, walking trails, the track, bleachers, and paved private roads for this unit.
    Online Health  September 6-OCtober 1 - Students will be working throughout the course and making sure to complete each assignment for the topics before the deadline.
    By September 20th all students should have completed the quizzes for topics 1,2, and 3. If any student has any issue with this course they just need to email me and I will meet with them in person to help them.
    By October 6th all students should have topics 4 and 5 completed.