• Greater Latrobe School District
    3 Week Unit Plan
    Teacher:     Mr. Tim Evans                      
     Cycle For January 8th-February 8th
    Days 1 through 6 of a 6 day cycle.
    Objective 1 -
    K-2 FITNESS SEGMENT: . They will use lebert equalizers, railyard fitness, jungle gyms, the rock wall and a pacer run to directly improve fitness testing scores.  
    Grades 3-6  FITNESS SEGMENT: students will be rotating through stations utilzing lebert equalizers, jungle gyms, railyard fitness, pacer, and rockwall to warm up and directly improve fitness scores.
    Objective 2
    -K,1,2 Students have started into full cooperative and action based learning stations.  We will be working on action based learning, skill improvement, gross locomotor skills, body control, and spatial awareness through use of action based learning and skill stations.
    Grades 3-6   Students will be participating in THE ROLLERBLADING UNIT. This lesson is set up for students to have success whether they are brand new to rollerblading or advanced skaters. Students are allowed to bring in their own skating equipment if they choose to. If students do not have their own equipment we will supply the skates, helmets, wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads for them. All protective padding must be worn for class.
    Homework: Be active at least 1 hour a day
    Assessments:critical elements of skills, teacher observation, student recall, FITSTEPS- (steps, MVPA time, activity time)
    Fitness Tests - student improvement in push ups, curl ups, pacer, sit n reach, mod pull ups. Example of a basic 40 minute p.e class:
    Warm up - the warm up is done the first 10 minutes of class. We concentrate on exercises that will not only warm up the students bodies and prepare them to safely engage in activity but will also directly improve their fitness testing scores.
    Procedure - The main body of class last about 25 minutes. This is the part where we engage in either a lead up activity or a full game that will maximize all students participation. Our goal is to maximize every students activity levels within each class. All of our students are expected to be busy and active for 40 minutes within each class.
    Closure will last for the final 5 minutes of class. This is where we cool down and recap on the activities that we performed each day. We talk about the main objective that we were trying to achieve within the class and what the goals for next class will be.