2020 Annual Art Show Reception Dates:
    Junior/Senior High Art Show-Thursday, April 30 from 6-8pm at the high school CSC
    Elementary Art Shows 6-8 pm at the Elementary CSC (located at the new LES):
    Mt. View Elementary: Monday, May 4
    Baggaley Elementary: Tuesday, May 5
    Latrobe Elementary: Wednesday, May 6

    Snowman Sculpture Contest (Dec. 2017)
    Mrs. Jordan took several students to the Snowman Around the World Contest held on Dec. 18 at Penn Middle School.  Students were encouraged to create a sculpture using mixed media about a snowman from around the world.  Seventh grade students Cam Baker and Lily Haverly took 3rd prize for their snowman from Egypt, Japan, and Germany.  The top layer was meant to have Egyptian qualities such as the heirogylphics, pyramids, sand, and the cactus rose.  The next layer was based off of Japan's famous cherry blossom trees.  The third and final layer was composed of the Neuschwanstein Castle, the Hohenschwangau Castle, mountains, and pine trees.  Students created a snowman painting while the judging took place.   Congrats!
    Snowman Sculpture  3rd Place Winners
    Sculpture 2  Snowman paintings

    Stained Glass Residency

    Local artist and business owner, Mandy Sirofchuck, worked with Greater Latrobe Senior High School students in Mrs. Mack's Portfolio Prep class (Fall, 2017-2018) to design and create stained glass pieces.  Students viewed stained glass works by architect Frank Lloyd Wright and used his designs for inspiration in their own creations.  The student's individual pieces (measuring about 12"x12") were then assembled into four larger window panets to be displayed in the Common's Area of the Senior High School. 
    stained glass 1  stained glass 2
    stained glass 3  Completed Stain Glass

    Art Teachers Attend SCC Workshop
    Art teachers Jan Baumgardner (BES), Nate Bolby (MVES), Natalee Palmer (LES), and Erica Jordan (JHS) attended a Teacher Make-It Night held at the Society for Contemporary Craft in the Strip District of Pittsburgh.  They were taught the techniques, processes, and safety guidelines of Metal Enameling and firing the metal pieces in an enameling kiln.   The teachers made reversible pendants that were taken home that evening.
    Pendant 1   Enameling Safety    Pendant 2  

    Novel Art at Ligonier Library
     Art Teachers, Erica Jordan and Lindsey Page both submitted art pieces to the Ligonier Library's Novel Art Fundraiser.  The purpose of the fundraiser was to re-purpose old books to recreate something new.  This is the second year these teachers submitted pieces to this fundraiser show.  The proceeds will purchase iPads for student use .  
    bowl   shoes   up-close shoe
    Mrs. Jordan created two submissions.  The first is a hand-painted paper mache bowl with a quote around the edge.  It it titled "Books Are the Soul to the Universe".  The second is a decoupaged pair of wearable shoes titled, "A Shoe Story".  
    Mrs. Page created a 2-D collage of human figures from various Renaissance and Medieval artworks. It is titled "Figures in Contrast." The figures were cut and arranged to create a contrast of light against dark values in order to emphasize the forms used in the work. The figures were then adhered to a large wood panel using mod podge and acrylic glazing techniques. The surface of the collage has a rough texture when felt because of the chosen application of the mod podge and acrylic paints.. The frame is made out of torn book spines which were then painted with acrylics to create a pattern and nailed to the wood panel. The artwork is display ready with sturdy wiring. 

    Iron Crafter Competition
    On April 10, 2015 four 9th grade arts students of Mrs. Jordan's participated in Pat Catan's Iron Crafter Competition and took first place out of five teams!!  The four students that participated were Emily Weaver, Sami Kibe, Grace Rosenbaum, and Ryssa Ezykowsky.  All participants were asked to design a unique tote bag and had to include the "secret ingredient" of pom-poms.  The team decided to do a holiday theme with each girl interpreting a different holiday while still incorporating pom-poms.  "The girls did a great job working together as a team while keeping their work area neat and tidy," said one judge that set our team above the others.  Each girl received a $20 gift card and the Mrs. Jordan received a $100 gift card to use in the Art Room.  We were also awarded the Iron Crafter Trophy to place in our display cases at the Junior High.  Congrats to the crafters!!
    working on tote bags    front of totes  back of totes

    5th Annual Pumpkin Decorating Fundraiser
    The Junior High Art teachers sponsored a pumpkin decorating fundraiser for the school.  Teachers and staff were asked to decorate a real or fake pumpkin.  The following week students bought tickets for the pumpkin they liked the best; in hopes of winning the pumpkin to take home.  The Junior High is lucky to have so many talented teachers and staff that decorated these unique pumpkins.  All the proceeds went to support the Junior High Permanent Art Collection.  
    pumpkins   pumpkin 1  pumpkin 2

    2014 Third Grade Art Symposium

    Elementary art teachers Jan Baumgardner, Nathan Bolby and Natalee Palmer hosted the annual “Elementary Art Symposium” at Greater Latrobe’s Center for Student Creativity from January 26th to January 28th.  The four day event for all third graders in the district featured four local artists who led students in an activity in their specialized area of art.  The first artist, LaVerne Kemp, who works in fibers, led the students in wool felting.  The students were also able to explore how comic strips are developed and create their own with Pittsburgh based cartoonist Nils Hanczar.  Greensburg artist, Gabe Felice, encouraged students to imagine and make hybrid animals in a collaborative activity where students created various body parts that fit together into a new animal. Finally, Ron Nigro, whose artworks are part of the GLSD permanent art collection, led students in a sculpture activity using recycled materials such as cardboard, puzzle pieces and paper cups.  This event and experience is made possible by​ a grant from the Greater Latrobe Partners in Education Foundation through funding from the McFeely-Rogers Foundation

    Displaying 2015 Symposium students.jpg
    Displaying 2015 artists symposium.jpg 

    Art Abroad 
     In the summer of 2014, Mrs. Lindsey Page took 10 students to London, Paris, and Rome to view Art and Art History.  Students were able to see what they learned in class, up-close and in person.  What a great experience had by all involved! Mrs. Page will be taking students to Ireland next summer, stay tuned for photographs of their next trip.   
     Europe 1    Europe 3       Europe 5    Europe Europe 4

    Congratulations to Mrs.Mack! 
    It's official Mrs. Lydia Mack's painting will be one of the paintings purchased from the Art Gala.  Her painting will be hung in the hallway of the Senior High School for years to come.
    Congratulations, we are proud to have one of our own now in the school's professional, permanent Art Collection.
     tree men

     Art Teachers attend 2013 Carnegie International 
     On the evening of Tuesday, November 12, 2013 members of the Art Department participated in the teacher development workshop held at the Carnegie Museum of Art for the Carnegie International show.  The event consisted of learning about the 2013 Carnegie International and to discover ways to engage students in visual arts learning. It included interactive tours of the International, time for networking, and special guest speakers. 
     2013 Carnegie International
    Shown in the picture are Mrs. Baumgardner, Mrs. Mack, Mr. Bolby, Mrs. Jordan, Ms. Palmer, Mrs. Balko 

    Art Teachers Participate in Workshop
    Elementary art teacher Jan Baumgardner (BES), Natalee Palmer (LES), and Nate Bolby (MVES) attended a studio workshop at the Westmoreland Museum of American Art temporary location.  Artist Brian McCall, native to the Greensburg area, led the workshop which focused on whimsical large scale sculpture making.  Participating art teachers from local school districts collaborated to create a totem pole which will remain at the museum. 
    McCall Workshop 1    McCall Workshop 2

    The Annual Southwestern Pennsylvania  Art Educators 2013 Show
      February 28-March 21

    Harlan Gallery, Seton Hill University


    One of our own, Nate Bolby, art teacher at Mountain View Elementary was the First Place Winner at the event.
    Nate Bolby

     The piece that took first at the exhibit is titled "TTrennung vom 729". Also exhibited was a clay vessel surfaced with sand, soil, and gold leaf titled "Plaza esdoorn"

     My mixed media works typically involve capturing and displaying imprints or documents that symbolize personally important observations from the world around me.  The piece titled "TTrennung vom 729" speaks of relationships and how digital communication has changed our way of interacting.  I used many different materials to create this piece including paper, wood, ink, clay, plaster, cheesecloth, and gold leaf.  I would like to thank the art professors and school community of Seton Hill University for appreciating this piece and giving me the opportunity to exhibit my work.