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    Latrobe Elementary School is nestled in the center of the City of Latrobe along Ligonier Street. It serves the children from the City of Latrobe, the Wimmerton Community, and a portion of Unity Township, north of Latrobe.
    There are approximately 800 students in kindergarten through grade six.
    Until 1967, The Latrobe Elementary School served as the school district's senior high school. In 1993 an $8 million renovation was completed. Some of the improvement included additional classrooms, floor and wall treatments and air conditioning. "Inherited" from the senior high school days are a large library, a full-size auditorium, a regulation-size gymnasium and an acoustic band room.
    Visitors may park in either of two parking lots or along the streets adjacent to the school.
Last Modified on July 10, 2006