Greater Latrobe School District

    Weekly Lesson Plan

    Teacher: Mrs. Klugh & Mr. Mehalic                                 Week of: March 22 - April 3

    Subject:  Physical Education                                Level:   K - 6           Period(s): 1 - 8


    Objective(s)Students are using the action based learning curriculum to develop gross motor skills

    Instructional Strategies:


    Teacher and student demonstrations. Centers will include: 
    Station 1: Long rope
    Station 2: Obstacle course
    Station 3: Push ups
    Station 4: Ladder ball
    Station 5: Hula hoops 
    Station 6: Bowling
    Station 7: Racquet taps



    Homework:Wear proper clothes and shoes on pe days.

    Assessments: Formative assessment

    First Grade

    Objective(s)See Kindergarten 

    Instructional Strategies:


    Homework: Wear proper clothes and shoes on pe days.

    Assessments: Formative Assessment

    Second Grade

    Objective(s): See Kindergarten

    Instructional Strategies:



    Third Grade

    Objective(s)Students will continue the rollerblading unit.  Students will be graded on putting on their safety equipment.  Students will be able to rollerblade with or without the skate mate.

    Special notes:  Students are allowed to bring in their own safety equipment and skates even though we have enough equipment for each student to use.  However, skates must be approved by the teachers to prevent scratches to the gym floor.  Students are responsible for any equipment that they bring to school. 

    Instructional Strategies: Students may use a mat to walk on to gain confidence on the blades.

    Homework: Try for 60 minutes of activity daily; wear proper clothes and shoes for pe

    Assessments:  Authentic assessment

    Fourth Grade

    Objective(s)See 3rd grade


    Instructional Strategies

    Homework: Try for 60 minutes of physical activity every day

    Assessments: Formative

    Fifth Grade

    Objective(s): See 3rd grade.  Students will be able to roller blade forward and backward. Advanced students will be able to do the cross over on corners.

    Instructional Strategies:  Give all students a chance to go backwards in a non competitive environment. Allow some time for fast skating in smaller groups.


    Assessments:  formative and check off

    Sixth Grade

    Objective(s): Same as 5th grade.

    Instructional Strategies: