Teacher Overview

    Mrs. Sherry Durigon

    Email: sherry.durigon@glsd.us     
    Phone:  724-539-9777 

    Courses Taught 

    STEM Education
    Grades K, 3 and 5
    LES, BES and MES 
    Grade K : Pushes and Pulls
    • Explorations include pushes and pulls of objects of different weights over different surfaces (smooth vs. rough) and different slopes (across a flat surface vs. up a ramp.)
    • Students investigate different pushes and pulls on the motion of an object and develop knowledge and skills related to forces of differing strengths and directions. 
    • Students are challenged to refine a design and successfully solve a problem, and they reflect on ways to modify and improve their design.
    Grade 3: Forces and Interactions
    • Students learn all about forces (pushes and pulls) including invisible forces such as friction, gravity and magnetism.  
    • They study balanced/unbalanced forces and will be able to identify effort forces and resistance forces in a variety of situations. 
    • Investigations that include building simple machines will help them to explore how effort forces can be used to accomplish a job.
    • Their design project will include creating and building a compound machine to successfully perform a task.  


    Grade 5: Robotics and Automation
    • Students research the varying definitions of "robot," while exploring how feedback loops make robots work. .
    • Investigations on various inputs and outputs used to build remotely operated robots will help them to explore how these components affect the design and capabilities of robots.
    • Students also conduct a simple invesigation with gears to understand mechanical advantage.
    • Their design project will include designing and building a remotely operated robotic vehicle to successfully perform a task.