Teacher Overview

    Name: Kelsey Beckas

    E-Mail: kelsey.beckas@glsd.us

    Phone: 724.539.4225 Ext. 2221 and 2222  -  Room # H221 and H222

    Cell: 724-689-4768
    Classroom Assistants: Paul Markle and Camille Hixson

    Class Schedule:


    Master Schedule
    Period 1: Science (A)/Social Studies (B) - Work Experience
    Period 2: Language Skills - Wilson
    Period 3: Math Skills
    Period 4-5: Transition Skills 
    Period 6: Lunch B
    Period 7-8: Guided Study
    Period 9: Transition Skills (Social Skills)
    Period 10: Teacher Planning  - Transition Skills
    Period 11: Transitional Skills - Science (A)/ Social Studies (B)
    * There are students that go to other classes at different times that are not listed. 

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