• Greater Latrobe Senior High Clubs and Organizations

    Book Club                                                                                           Advisor:  Miss Riebel

    Students who enjoy reading a great book meet approximately once per month in the Library. There are no written assignments, no pressure, and no wrong answers. We read a variety of books, but students may choose to skip certain books/months if they wish.

    Chain Reaction Contraption Contest                                  Advisor: Mr. Richter

    The Chain Reaction Contraption Contest is a competition that promotes an interest in physical science and engineering.  Throughout the first and second quarter of the school year, students work with a local engineer to design and construct a simple machine which performs an assigned task in a series of smaller steps.  Students then travel to the Carnegie Science Center in December to present their machine to professional engineers who act as judges.  This project requires a substantial time commitment outside of school.

    Class Officers                                                                     Advisors: Mrs. Suter & Miss Fedor

    While each class officer has roles and responsibilities unique to his or her position (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer), all class officers share the collective responsibility of keeping their classmates connected.  The officers provide a vital link between their peers and the administration by relaying new event ideas and offering suggestions to improve the school.  Upon graduation, the officers organize reunions. Furthermore, the class officers keep their peers informed about important school events/activities and work to increase school pride. 

    Drama Club                                                                                       Advisors: Mr. Krack

    If you have a flair for the dramatic, or love the excitement of performing, the GLSHS Drama Club is for you.  The club is responsible for producing the Fall Play, the Spring Musical, the Cabaret, and Open Mic Coffee Houses.  While it is necessary to audition for the productions, no audition is needed for membership into the club.  The club meets after school once per month.

    The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)    Advisors:  Mr. Simpson and Pastor Tom Shrum                    

    The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (Wildcat FCA) is a student-lead & student-run club. We use the platform of sports to teach the four important values of service, integrity, teamwork, and excellence in all our student athletes on & off the field. We are a Christian-sports-oriented ministry, but students do not have to participate in a sport to be a member.  All students are welcome.

    French Club                                                                                       Advisor:  Mrs. Zalewski

    All 10th, 11th and 12th grade French students are welcome to join. We hold fundraisers and at times hold events to raise money for Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres. Junior and Senior French club members are able to hold officer positions. Officers will help to organize the annual Buche de Noel bake-off, holiday bake sale and after school French movies.

    Meetings are after school from 2:40-3:15.

    G.S.A (Gay Straight Alliance)                                                  Advisor:  Mrs. Kuhn

    The GSA is a club devoted to developing and fostering a safe and positive environment for students of diverse backgrounds.

    Interact Club                                                                                      Advisor: Mr. Snyder

    The Greater Latrobe Interact Club is just one of the Rotary International’s service clubs for young people. Interact clubs are sponsored by individual Rotary clubs, which provide support and guidance, but they are self-governing and self-supporting.  Each year, The Greater Latrobe Interact club completes at least two community service projects, one of which furthers international understanding and goodwill.  Through these efforts, Interactors develop a network of friendships with local and overseas clubs and learn the importance of developing leadership skills and personal integrity demonstrating helpfulness and respect for others.  The Greater Latrobe Interact's best example of this was our "Hoops for Haiti" fundraiser where over $4400.00 was raised for the American Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund to assist those devastated by the recent earthquake.

    Key Club                                                                                               Advisor:  Mr. Snyder

    It has been said that "a rising tide lifts all ships."  This idealistic goal drives the Greater Latrobe Key Club toward making our community a better place for us all.  Over the past few years, the Greater Latrobe Key Club has been doing just that by raising funds to help a small girl purchase a wheelchair, donating to a local family suffering from the devastating effects of a house fire, sending soccer equipment to lift the spirits of hospitalized Iraqi children recovering from war wounds, brightening the holidays for hospitalized American Veterans, or raising funds and awareness for those devastated by the Civil War in Sudan.  The Greater Latrobe Key Club does all this and more.  The Key Club is a student-led volunteer organization whose success is also based in the encouragement and guidance of the Greensburg Kiwanis club, our parent organization.

    Letterman’s Club                                                                             Advisor:  Mr. Simpson

    The purpose of the Letterman’s club is to promote athletics in the Greater Latrobe School District, to foster fellowship among athletes of various sports, to be of service to the high school and to establish an accepted standard for awards universal to all teams.  As a letterman, you are a member of an exclusive group of students and of student-athletes.  We encourage you to take pride in your accomplishments while you comport yourself with sportsmanship and respect for others.

    Library Aides                                                                                      Advisor: Miss Riebel

     Do you enjoy helping others? Are you looking for a productive way to use your study hall while gaining volunteer experience? If so, consider becoming a library aide. Responsibilities include checking materials in and out of the library, putting away books, and monitoring the sign-in sheet.

    National Art Honor Society                                                         Advisors:  Mrs. Balko & Mrs. Mack

    The National Art Education Society founded the NATIONAL ART HONOR SOCIETY with the purpose to inspire and recognize those students who have shown outstanding ability in art.  Its aim is also to aid members in furthering their creative abilities and talents and to provide opportunity for service to the school and community. Students that have completed at least two art classes with an “A” average and acquire an art teacher recommendation, can be nominated to be a part of the membership.

    National Honor Society                                                                Advisor:  Mrs. Kuhn

    NHS is part of a national organization founded in 1921 to promote the recognition of high school students who excel in scholarship, character, service, and leadership.

    The membership selection process is based on national and local NHS guidelines. Students who have a 3.70 or higher cumulative grade point average after the second quarter of their junior or senior year are scholastically eligible.

    Recycling Team                                                                                Advisor:  Mr. Richter

    The Recycling Team promotes the conservation of natural resources by collecting recyclables from the student body.  Paper is collected from classrooms one day a week after school, and plastic / aluminum are collected at the Homecoming Dance and Prom.  The recycling team also collects gently-used binders & notebooks at the end of each school year and distributes them to interested students the following year. 

    SADD                                                                                                                                    Advisor:  Mrs. Houck

    SADD, Students Against Destructive Decisions, is a school-based organization dedicated to addressing the issues of underage drinking, impaired driving, drug use, and other destructive decisions. SADD's mission is to provide students with the best prevention and intervention tools possible to deal with the serious issues young adults are facing today. Empowerment is SADD's basic principle. The idea of empowerment is to build students' confidence and ability to create changes and manage behavior in a way that results in healthy life choices. SADD promotes a message of "No Use" of alcohol or drugs and encourages students not to participate in activities with destructive consequences. SADD offers life lessons that will lead members well into the 21st century. Activities include: It Can Wait- Stop Texting while Driving Pledge Drive, Red Ribbon Week, Elementary Red Ribbon Week presentations, Trooper Iwaniec Memorial Race community service, Prom/Graduation positive decision making awareness campaigns, Kick Butts Day, Lights on for Life Day, and the Seatbelt Challenge.

    Ski Club                                                                                                   Advisor:  Mr. McCombie

    Greater Latrobe Ski Club offers students in grades 10-12 the opportunity to ski/snowboard at Seven Springs on Friday nights. Being a part of this club allows students of all skill levels to participate in winter sports at a discounted rate. Member benefits include reduced rate lift ticket, rental, intro lesson, and means of transportation to and from the mountain. This is a great way to enjoy our local resort with all your friends this winter season. Contact Mr. McCombie with any questions.

    Stage Crew                                                                                            Advisor:  Mr. Baughman

    Stage Crew is responsible for handling the technical side of theatrical productions.  Crew members will design, build, and paint sets and scenery for the plays and musicals.

    Student Council/The Student Store                                         Advisors:  Mr. Marker & Mrs. Houck

    Eleven members of each class are elected to the GLSHS Student Council. These members serve as positive role models for the student body and school. The Student Council provides opportunities for student cooperation and participation in the management of the school, promotes worthy school activities, promotes good relationships between students and faculty, provides a forum for student expression and the exchange of student-faculty-administration views, and assists in the operation of the student store as a service to the student body. The Student Council Constitution requires that all members participate in at least 80% of all Council activities. Individuals who are elected must expect to be able to devote considerable time beyond normal school hours to accomplish this requirement. Activities include: Art selection and purchase, Homecoming festivities, Steelers Night concession sales, Student Store operation, Thanksgiving Basket community service project, Commons Area decorations, PolarPalooza, Senior Appreciation Luncheon, Trooper Iwaniec Memorial Race community service, Teacher Appreciation Week, and Leadership Conferences.

    Usher’s Club                                                                                         Advisor:  Mrs. Butler

    The Usher's Club provides service to the community that attends events at the High School for the performing arts events, GLSH graduation ceremony, and National Honor Society inductions.  Members help with seating, program distribution, and serving

    Westmoreland Interscholastic Reading Competition    Advisor:  Miss Riebel

    A list of 30 books may seem daunting, but with team members to share the work, it's child's play! Students must read just five or more books on the list, complete preparation exercises, and attend meetings approximately once per month in the Library. In March, we'll show off our understanding and recall of these excellent fiction and nonfiction titles at the annual county-wide competition!