• LES Building Project

    LES Progress via a Time-Lapse Camera

    Construction Update – Winter of 2017

    The temperatures were quite cold, and the snow just wouldn’t quit, but that has not stopped the new LES construction project from moving forward.  The masons braved the conditions by creating tent like structures in order to protect the laying of masonry for the buildings’ exterior.  The large classroom window’s, trimmed in black, not only accentuate the stone and red brick but provide an abundance of natural daylight.  The smell of asphalt has filled the morning air as the roof system continued to be installed during the winter months.  The roofing system selected is one that is not affected by low temperatures and can be installed during cold days.  The building interior has made strides with nearly 70-90 contractors working to install wall partitions, interior door frames, stair structures, and all above ceiling systems.  These include gas, storm, sanitary and water lines by the plumbing contractor; ductwork and controls by the mechanical; power, lighting and data infrastructure by the electrical contractor.

    Again, thanks to our strong design and construction team, the project remains under budget and is still tracking to meet schedule even through the tough winter months. 

    Construction Update – Summer of 2017

    The summer months continue to be a period of fast and vast progress for the new Latrobe Elementary school project.  During the past months, the contractors have been laying masonry, setting steel and pouring concrete and thus creating the structural frame or backbone of the school.  Bearing elevations have been met for the stage, kitchen and back of house (mechanical) and are awaiting steel roof joist.  General Contractor Nello Construction is anticipating steel delivery within a few weeks which will include steel columns, beams and bar joist for second floor construction and roof deck.  All MEP primes also have been very hard at work installing many below slab infrastructure items including item such as electrical conduit, plumbing sewer and sanitary lines and mechanical runs that all must be placed prior to the General Contractors work.

    Thanks to our strong design and construction team, the project remains on schedule, under budget and the project team does not foresee any issues that will delay the anticipated opening of school for the 2018-2019 school year! 

    A special thanks to our community as well as the Board of Education and School Authority for their solid support during this project.


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    Elementary School Master Plan and Timeline
       Break Ground - Spring 2017/Open - Fall 2018