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LES Building Project

GLSD has not embarked on a project of this magnitude in over 40 years.  

In 1835 the Boyd’s School became the first public schoolhouse in Unity Township.  In 1882 a visionary school board approved the establishment of the first high school in Latrobe and the very next year 8 students graduated with a high school diploma.    In 1962, the Latrobe, Unity and Youngstown schools merged and became Greater Latrobe School District.  Following the merger, a new high school and junior high school were built.  A new chapter in the history of Greater Latrobe School District is beginning with the groundbreaking for the new Latrobe Elementary School.

Once again the Greater Latrobe school board has made the commitment to build a community school which allows for partnerships with the school and community resources.  A community school allows an integrated focus on academics, health services, youth development and community engagement which leads to improved student learning, stronger families and healthier communities. Our school board believes education provides opportunities and this new building will provide opportunities to our amazing students, supportive parents, talented staff and the Greater Latrobe school community at large.

  Groundbreaking Groundbreaking Groundbreaking
Overview of the Project
This project consists of the construction of a new elementary school housing grades K-6, approximately 800 students. The total square footage is not to exceed 125,000 square feet and will be located at the "Old Athletic Field" in the city of Latrobe.
Elementary School Master Plan and Timeline
   Break Ground - Spring 2017/Open - Fall 2018