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    Ms. Liz Thompson

    e-mail: liz.thompson@glsd.us

    phone: 724-834-7399 ext. 62108


    Concert Dates

    The MVES 4th Grade Band Concert is on Tues., May 12th at 7:00pm in the MVES gymnasium.  Please note that 4th Grade band students will have recess band rehearsal every Day 2 starting on Monday, March 16th and ending after the May 12th performance.  

    The MVES 5th and 6th Grade Band and Chorus Spring Concert is on Wed., May 6th, 2020 at 7:00pm in the Senior High auditorium.

    Instruments and Required Materials

    For information on acquiring an instrument, please visit the "Rental Information" page of my website. 

    Please note that in addition to the materials listed below, it is very important to have a dedicated music stand at home for individual practice.  This is to promote the development of good posture and proper breathing technique.

     Band students will need the following materials for ALL lessons and rehearsals:


    -A pencil (NOT pen): keep one in your instrument case!

    -Band folder (provided in class) with sheet music


    -Instrument-specific materials:


    • flute swab, or a cleaning rod and a soft, thin cloth

    -Clarinet and Saxophone: 

    • reeds: 4th grade - 2 strength. 5th and 6th grade - 2.5 strength.  Rico and Van Doren are both good brands.
    • swab: silk swabs are best. Tiger Rag also makes a good cheaper alternative
    • cork grease
    • sax only: neck strap (Neotech makes a comfortable alternative to the rental-provided neck straps)


    • valve oil
    • slide grease
    • cleaning snake (MVES has extras if a student needs to borrow on occasion)


    • slide oil or slide cream (for the moving slide)
    • slide grease (different from slide oil / cream - for main tuning slide ONLY)