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Latrobe Memorial Stadium

     The interior of the stadium has been completely demolished and rebuilt.  It now includes three full-sized locker rooms that are used throughout the school year.  The first locker room is used in the fall by the football and soccer teams, in the winter it is used by the rifle team, and in the spring by the boys' track team.  Visiting football teams use the second locker room in the fall.  The room is then converted into a rifle range for use in the winter and changed back in the spring for use by the girls' track team.  The game officials and school security for football games, as well as students using the baseball field, use the third locker room in the fall.  In the winter, this locker room houses the batting cage and hitting stations, which are in operation for student use.  In the spring, the baseball team uses the locker room.

     The new scoreboard, concession stands, and restrooms along with convenient parking make this one of the best natural-turf stadiums in Western Pennsylvania.

     Each year in late July or early August, Memorial Stadium hosts the Pittsburgh Steelers for a practice/training session, with fans also enjoying an autograph session with Ben Roethlisberger, Hines Ward, Troy Polamalu and the rest of the Super Bowl Champion Steelers.  A raucous crowd, estimated at 8,000-12,000 (unofficially called the largest gathering inside Memorial Stadium), welcomes the Steelers for the night practice.

Memorial Stadium


Senior High School

     A new gym, conditioning center, and wrestling room have been added to the senior high facility.  In addition, the pool and main spectator gym have been renovated.  The new gym contains a full-sized basketball/volleyball court, climbing wall, and batting cage.  The conditioning center has both free weights and state-of-the-art self-contained weight machines.  The wrestling room is completely padded, making it suitable for not only wrestling but also aerobics and other activities.

     The pool has new lighting, scoreboard, and ventilation system.  The "old" spectator gym has undergone a complete change.  New flooring, lighting, ventilation, bleachers and scoreboard make this facility one of the best in the area.  The new auxiliary gym features two climbing walls and spectator seating for 250.

Junior High School

     Opened new in 1975 as an annex to the senior high and with a renovation completed in 1999-2000, the junior high school gym hosts many junior high events, including for this winter season the 7-8 boys basketball games, the 9th grade boys basketball games, the 9th grade girls basketball games, and the junior high wrestling matches.

Other facilities

     Other sites which play host for different seasonal sports include the Greater Latrobe School District elementary schools (Latrobe, Baggaley, Mt. View), the Latrobe Rotary Community Park located below the high school complex just outside Youngstown, Legion Keener park surrounding the Latrobe Memorial Stadium, and Loyalhanna Soccer Field on Baggaley Ridge. 
     Links to directions to the sites are:
Legion Keener Park (see link below Stadium picture above)