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Our Mission

Our Mission Statement: 
The Greater Latrobe School District equips and inspires all students to be lifelong learners as well as responsible, productive members of the global community.
Our Vision Statement: 
The Greater Latrobe School District provides a future-focused education, actively engaging all learners while embracing a balance of academics, arts, and athletics.

Our Educational Value Statements:

  • Practice of the fundamental societal values of integrity, honesty, charity and respect for others is foundational to education.
  • Self-worth develops from a student’s capabilities, determination, performance, and self-esteem.
  • High expectations promote high achievement.
  • Learning is a shared partnership among students, parents, educators, and the community.
  • A growth mindset is modeled and promoted by the entire educational community.
  • Fostering and developing resilience by experiencing mistakes and adversity are integral to the educational process.
  • Evaluation and utilization of resources increase the ability to problem solve collaboratively and independently. 
  • A motivating environment encourages students to embrace challenges and thrive in our global community.