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Sixth Grade Camp

The Greater Latrobe 6th Grade Outdoor Education Experience is conducted for 2½ days for each of the three elementary schools in the district. This outdoor education experience will be held at a new location this year-Heritage Reservation, a boy scout camp near Farmington, Pa. Camp is held each year at the end of April--beginning of May.
The cost is the responsibility of the students. Parents can choose to have the students raise the money through fund raisers sponsored by the PTO or pay for camp on their own.
The camp was started in 1976 and has continued each year involving approximately 300-325 6th grade students, 40 high school students and 60 teachers. A variety of activities from all subject areas are provided in the outdoor education experience. Students are divided into teaching groups of 10-13 students, with 1 high school student and teacher for each group. Each group follows a rotating schedule throughout the day involving Science, Math, Social Studies, Language Arts, Art and Physical Education (Fishing, Boating, Rifle, Archery). The evening includes Physical Education, Music, Art, Night Walks, Ice Cream Making, and Camp Fires.
The outdoor classroom will enhance our 6th grade curriculum by providing the students with opportunities to use skills learned in the traditional classroom in an outdoor setting. It will also provide students with activities that will enhance their education that cannot be done in a regular classroom. It will instill the concept that the opportunity to learn is everywhere and the importance of taking care of our natural resources.