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About the Center for Student Creativity

The Center for Student Creativity is the result of a school and community partnership fulfilling a goal of our district that through the integration of the arts into all aspects of curricular and extra-curricular activities a lifelong desire to learn and create will be fostered in each student.  Major funding for the Center was provided by the Greater Latrobe Art Conservation trust, the organization that oversees the care of the high school"s art collection.  Through their efforts, $1.7 million was raised from foundations, corporations, and generous individual donors.  This money was used, after the school district constructed the shell of the facility, to finish the interior and completely equip the center with state-of-the-art sound and lighting equipment and furnishings.  The Center is managed by full-time director, Jessica Golden, who coordinates all activities and events.

Center for Student Creativity

The Center, located in the senior high complex, can accommodate up to 200 people and will allow for theatrical and musical productions, exhibits, guest speakers, individual creative projects, and social gatherings for both school and community.  The Center has a movable stage, special exhibit lighting, wooden flooring, mirrored wall, light-controlled window coverings, and an outside amphitheater and courtyard.
The opportunities presented by this center are unlimited.  It is not restricted to just music, art, dance and theater.  It is also not limited to just senior high school students.  Students at all grade levels have access to the Center.  Academic areas will use the space to help students learn new ways to express themselves and to solve problems.  No longer will the arts be limited only to the most talented.  The boy or girl who never would have the occasion to stand on center stage will experience the thrill of applause.
 A growing body of research indicates that students who are actively involved in learning through the integration of the arts are more likely to achieve academically and to develop other competencies that better enable them to become self-actualized adults.  The Center for Student Creativity is our response to the Greater Latrobe School District"s recognition that active participation in the creative arts is an essential element in the development of the whole person.
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