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District Approved Software

The Greater Latrobe School District provides access to a wide range of software and online applications for use by teachers and students.  Below is a list of approved software currently available in the district.  Many of them are accessible from home as well as at school.  Not all software is available to all students or schools.  Please visit regularly for any changes or updates.


Software Use
Adobe Creative Cloud Broadcast, Journalism, Yearbook, Photography
ConnectED Curriculum Resources
CSfirst Curriculum Resources
Destiny Library Resources
DiscoveryEd Districtwide
Dreamscape Elementary Language Arts
eHallpass Senior High School
eHartcourt School Curriculum Resources
Flextime Manager Junior High School
G Suite for education Districtwide
IXL Curriculum Resources
MobyMax Junior High School
Moodle Districtwide
MyHRW Curriculum Resources
NoodleTools Library Resources
pathwayMANAGER Junior and Senior High Schools
Pear Deck Curriculum Resources
PowerLIbrary Library Resources
Quaver Music Music Department
Read Live Elementary Language Arts
Reflex Elementary Math
Sansspace World Language
Scholastic Central Curriculum Resources
SIRS (ProQuest) Library Resources
Splash Math Curriculum Resources (Kdg)
Study Island Curriculum Resources
Think Central Curriculum Resources
Tynker Curriculum Resources
WeVideo Curriculum Resources