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eCat Academy Overview

eCat Academy
The Greater Latrobe eCat Online Academy is offered as an option for students in grades K-12. The goal is to bring flexibility and options to the students of Greater Latrobe School District while building necessary 21st Century skills for success.  These options include online coursework, along with the ability to participate in all school district activities.
The program has been developed in collaboration with online learning experts and is based on years of research and best-practices for excellence in learning.  Students who participate in eCat Online Academy enjoy all of the benefits of being a Greater Latrobe student which includes attending Eastern Westmoreland Career & Technology Center (EWCTC), earning a Greater Latrobe High School diploma, participating in graduation ceremonies, and more.
Flexibility & Student-Centered Choices
At Greater Latrobe School District, we understand that the traditional bricks and mortar classroom is not always the best learning environment for every student. As youth develop, their social, emotional, and academic needs will evolve and change. Therefore, we feel that providing online options for students is a viable way to meet their varied needs. These options, provided by the Greater Latrobe School District, give students and families a choice in the academic schedule and activities in which students participate.
Students have the benefit of taking core academic courses online, as well as having the opportunity to take electives such as fine arts, band, and other courses in traditional classrooms.
The program gives students the ability to get a customized, online education while maintaining important social connections at school. Our knowledgeable counselors will help students and families develop a schedule that best suits the interests and needs of each child.
For more information or to enroll, families should reach out to the school counselor.