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STEM / STEAM Initiatives

How do the Library Media Centers support K-12 STEM Initiatives?

 The elementary libraries offer the following opportunities:

  • Linking STEM activities to literature
  • Utilizing a 3D printer
  • Learning basic coding skills, including through the use of age-appropriate "robotics"
  • Exploring the makerspace and using:
    • Electronic/circuitry kits
    • LEGOs
    • Building items such as building kits, and household objects
  • Utilization of electronic research sources
Baggaley robotics

The Junior and Senior High School Libraries offer the following opportunities:

  • Introduction to coding resources/activities
  • Training and access to:
    • 3D printer
    • Laser cutter/engraver (Senior High only)
    • 3Doodler pens (Junior High only)
    • littleBits circuitry products
    • MaKey MaKey kits
  • Exploration/creation with:
    • LEGOs
    • K’NEX building sets
    • Puzzles
    • Knitting/Crafts
  • Utilization of electronic research sources
Clay made a lasered gift
Please do not post database, eBook, or other digital resource usernames or passwords online, display them in any way, give them to anyone other than current students at the building that supplies the given resource(s).
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