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eBooks and eAudiobooks

Students have a few options when wishing to use electronic books and audiobooks.
Follett Destiny
Follett Destiny, our library catalog, contains access to the eBooks and eAudiobooks available for each school building. Listed below are a few basic steps that should work for each building, but feel free to speak to your librarian for more information.
Step 1: Click on the Destiny link above.
Step 2: Choose the correct school building.
Step 3: Limit the search results to these specific resources types by choosing "Electronic Book (eBook)" or "Sound Recording (nonmusical)" from the Material Type drop-down menu on the search page.
Step 4: Review the results, and click "Open" next to the resource you wish to use.
Step 5: Login using your school login.
Step 6: Enjoy!
In addition, MackinVIA provides a user-friendly format for accessing many of the electronic resources as well. These resources would all be included in the Destiny search described above. Still, here are the basic steps:
Step 1: Click on the MackinVIA link above.
Step 2: Type your school name (example: Greater Latrobe Senior High School) in the box for "School/Library Name" and click on the correct name when it shows.
Step 3: If it hasn't already logged you in after selecting the school building, then enter your GLSD username and password in the appropriate fields.
Step 4: Browse the results, use the filters, and/or search for your interests.
      • Note that all of the resources are electronic (eBooks and eAudiobooks).
Step 5: Click "Open" next to the resource you wish to use.
Step 6: Enjoy!
Please do not post database, eBook, or other digital resource usernames or passwords online, display them in any way, give them to anyone other than current students at the building that supplies the given resource(s).
Remember to follow and respect copyright laws and guidelines!  Ask for help if you need it.