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The school district has always recognized the inherent value of providing well-rounded educational opportunities that address all aspects of a student’s education: cultural, cognitive and expressive. This philosophy is exemplified through the unique collection of original art that adorns the walls of Greater Latrobe Senior High School. This collection, generated from the creative spirit of two imaginative teachers who wanted their students to actively experience art, is among the finest collections of original 20th century  Southwestern Pennsylvania art. It is the only one of its kind in the United States in that it is entirely student-selected and, for the most part, student-purchased.

This unique student project sparked a partnership between the Greater Latrobe School District and the broader community that thrives to this day.  For example, The Latrobe One Hundred Friends of Art was organized in 1938 to promote the art collection and help the students to purchase their selections.  In 1991, at the recommendation of Mr. Beatty, the Board of School Directors formed the Art Conservation Trust to oversee the care and conservation of the collection.  The Trust is comprised of community members, faculty, school district administrators and members of the Board.

The Art Conservation Trust has raised funds from the annual Art Gala and from community and foundation contributions to carry out numerous projects concerning the collection.  The entire collection was professionally conserved at the school, allowing the student body to observe the process.  A security system was installed and the collection was professionally photographed for documentation purposes.  This documentation resulted in a book called A Unique Vision of Art, first published in 1996, that includes the photographs and descriptions for each piece in the collection. 

Recently the Trust published a new updated edition of A Unique Vision of Art, which includes color reproductions of all 195 art works and is priced at $30.  All proceeds of sales of the book will be used to conserve the collection in order to make certain the vision continues.  It can be purchase in Latrobe at the administration office, The Latrobe Art Center, Rose Style Shoppe and the Center for Student Creativity at the high school.  It can also be ordered to be sent at an additional $5 cost for shipping. 

The Trust expanded its mission and successfully undertook a unique and enterprising project in 2001, to raise nearly $2,000,000 to create a Center for Student Creativity, a facility for collaborative creative activity involving students and the community.  The Center also includes a Courtyard that is used for outdoor classes, performances, and social gatherings.  The Center was made possible with funding from the School District, foundations, corporations and numerous individual gifts.  The Art Conservation Trust is to truly grateful to all those that made the Capital Campaign a success.