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Annual Art Gala

Each year, the Art Gala marks the time to renew or become a member of the Latrobe One Hundred Friends of Art.  The Greater Latrobe community has supported the art collection from its beginnings in 1936.  James R. Beatty and Mary Martha Himler were the founding teachers of the collection and recognized that if the concept were to succeed, it would need outside help.  He sent out his Student Council to enroll members of the Latrobe One Hundred Friends of Art with dues of $1.00 a year, a not inconsiderable sum in the depression time of the late 1930s.  The Latrobe One Hundred Friends of Art continues to support the art collection although the number has grown far beyond 100.  In 1991, at the recommendation of Mr. Beatty, the Board of School Directors formed the GLSD Art Conservation Trust to oversee the care and conservation of the collection.  The Art Trust is comprised of community members, faculty, school district administrators and members of the School Board.  The Art Trust assists with the purchase of new paintings and oversees the professional conservation of the collection.  In addition, the Art Conservation Trust secured funding for nearly a mile of museum-quality track lighting to showcase the paintings and to build the Center for Student Creativity in the senior high school.   

2020 Art Gala

The Hundred Friends of Art Membership Information:

James R. Beatty Founders Society $500 or more Includes 4 complimentary Gala tickets
Conservation Circle $250 - $499 Includes 2 complimentary Gala tickets
Patron of the Arts $100 - $249  
Friend $25 - $99  


Past Gala Honorees

Joanne and Lou Congelio 1997 (January)
Clare Stover 1997 (October)
Barbara and Lou Steiner 1998
Dr. Thomas W. Moran, Jr.  1999
Nancy "'Laney" and Daniel G. Crozier 2000
Linda McKenna Boxx and T. William Boxx 2001
Principal John Andrighetti and Food Service Director Carolyn Gump 2002
Directors of the Greater Latrobe School Board 2003
Trustees of the Richard K. Mellon Foundation 2004
GLSD Administration: Dr. William Stavisky, Dr. Steve Sarokan, Carl Baumeister, Larry Stauffer, and Connie Lazor 2005
GLSHS Student Council and Advisor John Hull 2006
Bonnie and William M. Hoffman, Jr.  2007
Rotary Club of Latrobe 2008
Latrobe Area Historical Society 2009
Associated Artists of Pittsburgh 2010
Pam and Ray Mt. Joy 2011
Art Angels - Recognizing long standing supporters of the Art Trust 2012
Latrobe Art Center 2013
Greater Latrobe Partners in Education Foundation 2014
Current and Past GLSD Art Educators 2015
Commercial Bank and Trust of PA 2016
Lester and Karen Sutton 2017
Cynthia S. Busch 2018
Pam and Scott Kroh 2019