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Payment Procedure

How to Make Purchases in the School Cafe:

All students are assigned with a GLSD student ID number.  
This number also identifies your student in the school meals program. Your child will need to use this ID number when purchasing meals or ala carte items and applying funds to their school meals account. Please have your child memorize their GLSD student ID number. 
Payment Options:
We prefer that payments to the school cafeteria be made online or by mailing a check to the GLSD Food Service Department Office. If cash is sent in with your child, please send in a sealed payment envelope including the student’s first and last name and student ID number.  We strongly recommend checks instead of cash.  

When mailing a check, make the check payable to GLSD FSD and include the following information:

  • The name of student(s) to whom the payment is to be credited.
  • The school that each student attends. 
  • If the check is for more than one student, the amount that is to be credited to each child's account.
  • If not included on the check, your name and phone number.

Mail account payments to:

GLSD Food Service Department
131 High School Road
Latrobe, PA  15650


To make a payment online: 


From the web page, you can:

  • Deposit money into your child's school meal account
  • View your child's account balance
  • View a 90-day history of your child's purchases and payments
  • Request automatic email notification when your child's account balance is low
  • Transfer funds between children's accounts

To get started, please view the MySchoolBucks training website at or simply create an new account on MySchoolBucks website. 


Benefits of MySchoolBucks:

-  Parents can use students birthdates or student ID# to locate students in the database

-  Parents NO LONGER need to delete or add students when they switch building locations within the district

When you make a credit card payment, you will receive a confirmation message via e-mail.  For this reason, a valid e-mail address is required when you sign up for this service.  Payments can be made 24 hours a day from your personal computer. District computers import payments from MySchoolBucks at 6:00 AM, 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM.

If your student's ID number starts with zero (0), DO NOT enter the zeros.  Enter the student ID number starting with any number other than zero (0).

***Please note that you can not view your students "lunches only" account.  The account you will view will be for lunches and extras. ****                           

Please stop back periodically for more information to MySchoolBucks!